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  You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
James Lane Allen

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Are meetings really the problem? 

Organisations develop cultures - "the way we do things around here" - that often, over time, become defensive, low-risk, fractured and resistant to change.  Nowhere does this become more apparent than in meetings - where more is said than done.

However, a change in meetings can bring about change to an organisation.  The simple Action Meetings process engenders trust, cooperation, participation and most importantly action!

For private sector organisations where the issues are about operating efficiency, project completion and speed to market, meetings are the organisational glue.

Arriving at consensus and bringing diverse stakeholders' interests are some of the main drivers for the public sector.  Meetings with high levels of participation that also progress development are essential. 

Time that is paid for is valuable, but even more valuable in a time-starved culture is donated time.  Not-for-profits are  often also under pressure to be fulfilling their aims and objectives on a minimum of funds.  Not-for-profits cannot afford time wasted in meetings nor have then result in inaction.



What customers say

  We saved some meeting time immediately but this quickly grew to over 20%.
Independent survey respondent

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