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Impossible Agenda Resolved

“We typically meet 4 times a year with members travelling from around the country. Our agenda was often full and we were unable to give proper consideration to all items. Some had suggested we have 2 day meetings which would have involved overnight accommodation costs and having people away from their work for 2 days.

After some excellent facilitation and training on Action Meetings we have split our meeting into administration, operational and strategic session.  We now easily get through the administration and operational matters in the morning with the whole afternoon session focused on strategic matters.

Our June 2003 meeting had what looked like an impossible agenda.  We finished ahead of time which then allowed some time for socialising before people had to catch their flights home.”

Richard Toner
Building Officials Institute of New Zealand


What customers say

  The workshop was very well managed and we achieved all of the outcomes that we were looking for.
Murray Potts, Client Manager, gen-I

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