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Getting “buy-in”

The Bottom Line

Head office wanted to expand a successful new programme to a wider arena but expected to face resistance from local operators. An Action Meetings facilitator ran three workshops on the new programme for local operators. Negativity and resistance toward the new programme disappeared and the local operators bought in to the extended programme.


The Business Issue

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) ran a programme called Destination Summer Holiday Racing (DSHR) at several racecourses throughout New Zealand.
The Board decided that more racecourses should take part in the programme the following year.  There was an amount of resistance from some venues along the lines of “we know how to run our race meetings and we’ve been doing it successfully for many years without anyone’s help or interference”.


What Was Done

Conducted a series of workshops using the Action Meetings process, which ensured discussion was orderly, productive and focussed on the real issues and not on perceptions.


How It Worked

Personnel from the previous year’s DSHR were invited to each of the workshops.  In addition, a senior member of the NZRB was present at each workshop to show support for the program.
The first step of the workshop was to provide an overview of last season’s results and to gain a common understanding and acceptance of the Destination Summer Holiday Racing principles.
This was followed by a series of presentations, hands-on exercises and discussions that allowed the participants to fully understand and appreciate the value and benefit of the new programme. They left comfortable knowing what they had to do and how it was going to work, and confident that the programme would be a roaring success.


The Result

The resistance turned out mostly to be a fear of the unknown.  Once the process was explained and stories were told of the previous year’s successes, resistance melted away.
The sessions were an outstanding success.  Several actions were assigned and undertaken and the second season of DSHR was a bigger success than the initial season.

What customers say

  After some excellent facilitation and training on Action Meetings we have split our meeting into Administration, Operational, and Strategic.  We now easlily get through the administration and operational matters in the morning with the whole afternoon session focussed on strategic matters.
Richard Toner, President, Building Officials Institute of New Zealand

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