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  He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. 
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“Unachievable” pilot project completed – on time

The Bottom Line

A project with extremely tight deadlines wasn't going to be delivered because of negativity and resistance. An Action Meetings workshop clarified the issues to everyone's satisfaction and the aggressive deadlines were met.


The Business Issue

The board of the New Zealand Racing Board had directed that a trial of wireless hand-held wagering terminals be conducted during specific high-turnover events.
There were four different groups of stakeholders that were involved in the implementation of the trial.
The project had an extremely tight schedule as there were a limited number of suitable race days and venues. There was resistance and negative thinking from many of the people involved.


What Was Done

An Action Meetings facilitator conducted a workshop using the Action Meetings process.  The workshop was designed to identify any “roadblocks” and ways to remove them.


How It Worked

The Action Meetings process ensured that all participants were able to voice their concerns - their “perceived roadblocks”. They were encouraged to give as little justification as possible for the validity of their “roadblocks” in order to move the workshop along.
When all the “perceived roadblocks” were stated, recorded and reviewed, it was agreed that nine were real issues and the rest were discarded.
The workshop participants closely examined each real “roadblock” and devised strategies to remove each one so that the deadlines would be met.


The Result

Once the team was dealing with just the realities, the original resistance and negativity was replaced by a “can do” attitude and willingness to rise to the challenge. The Action Points from the workshop were worked through.
The trial was completed successfully on schedule – a failure to meet that schedule would have significantly delayed the full implementation.

What customers say

  After some excellent facilitation and training on Action Meetings we have split our meeting into Administration, Operational, and Strategic.  We now easlily get through the administration and operational matters in the morning with the whole afternoon session focussed on strategic matters.
Richard Toner, President, Building Officials Institute of New Zealand

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