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Design a productive meeting

The Bottom Line

A company had given up on holding meetings, but at the expense of missing opportunities to communicate and resolve issues. Construction and Site Managers now meet monthly, resolve operational issues and look ahead to problem prevention and strategic development to strengthen and grow the business.


The Business Issue

Redican Allwood, a construction company, had stopped meetings as they were a waste of time. Site Managers’ meetings were associated with considerable time and travel expenses. However, management recognised that productive meetings would be of value as this would provide a forum to tap into their staff’s extensive technical expertise.


What Was Done

We designed a meeting with the Site Managers to meet specific business objectives. We set up procedures for regular exchange of on-site information and sharing successful work practices. The collective experience of the site managers and their strategic insight was captured and used to benefit the whole company. The Construction Manager and the Site Managers learnt the Action Meetings process by example and by direct experience.


How It Worked

We identified that bringing full status reports to the meeting was not productive and they were left out and replaced with discussion of key issues and risks.
A workshop was run with the Site Managers using the Action Meeting process which designed a reporting template from which a monthly Site Manager’s Report was developed.  
After the workshop, we set up a Meeting Guide. The Action Meetings consultant then facilitated the next three Site Managers’ meetings. From the first meeting, there was a high degree of willingness and participation from the Site Managers.  Discussion was focussed on long term issues. Action items were raised to develop business opportunities at pressure points and prevent problems from arising in the future.


The Result

Redican Allwood has moved from saving wasted meeting time at the cost of losing business opportunities to having a productive Site Managers’ meeting sharing operational issues and generating strategic initiatives to strengthen and grow the business.

What customers say

  The process engenders a disciplined approach so that the outcomes of the meeting were always achieved within the laid down times.
Malcolm Jackson, Senior Project Manager, UNISYS

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