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  We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did. 
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A complex project that was slipping was put back on schedule

The Bottom Line

Negotiations to agree new processes and service levels in a complex environment were going around in circles. Use of the Action Meetings process provided clarity, focus, and action. The project got back on schedule. The meeting process was adopted as the basis of a framework for regular meetings.


The Business Issue

A computer services company and their new customer, a large multinational insurance company, were having difficulties in the preparation of the service agreements, policies and procedures that were to be established for the provision of complete facilities management.
There was a complex mix of political, organisational, technical, support, escalation, timing, and communication issues to be agreed by both parties.
The parties had been working at this for some time with little progress and feelings of frustration emerging (all round) at the early stage of a potentially long-standing business relationship.


What Was Done

We conducted a series of workshops using the Action Meetings process.  The difference with this process being that:

  • The outcomes to be achieved were clear and very specific;
  • The actions to be completed were concise, assigned to individuals and time-bound;
  • Discussion was focussed, orderly and productive.  

How It Worked

The independent, Action Meetings (third-party) facilitator was completely impartial and not a stakeholder in the content of the meeting.
The Action Meetings process works extremely well in situations of complex agendas and multiple stakeholders.


The Result

The sessions were an outstanding success.  The completion and closure of agenda items and actions generated moved the project forward bringing it back on schedule.
The services contract is fully in place and the relationship has survived a takeover and restructure of the insurance company.  
The meeting model employed was used as a basis for setting up an internal meeting framework for ongoing operations.

What customers say

  Our people have become far more accountable and productive.
Independent survey respondent

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