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$1m per year recovered

The Bottom Line

A computer services company was about to lose a million-dollar per year account through failure to deliver proper service, and more importantly, an inability to resolve issues with the client. Two 2-hour Action Meetings workshops turned that around.


The Business Issue

Company and client were experiencing a divergence in expectations and communication between the two had become difficult, with a loss of ability to discuss issues unemotionally. A resolution was becoming difficult.


What Was Done

We conducted two workshops using the Action Meetings process. Each workshop started without any pre-determined agenda. The Action Meetings process creates a safe environment. Once the participants realised that the meeting was not a blame session and that action would follow, they contributed positively.  Specific issues were identified and discussed dispassionately.  A number of actions to resolve the issues were assigned to people from the supplier and the customer.  


How It Worked

The first session broke the ice and started to mend the relationship.  The second session was extremely productive. The client did not feel compelled to dredge up past failures but instead focussed on the required end result and the practical steps necessary to get there.


The Result

The client remained with the supplier and in subsequent contract re-negotiation signed up for a further three years.  Also, the account revenue has grown annually by 20%.

What customers say

  ... gave us another way to structure and think about our meetings and our individual contribution to them.
Rosemary Killip, Excecutive Office, Building Officials Institute of New Zealand

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