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  If people are too intimidated or too reluctant to help their leaders lead, their leaders will fail. 
Michael Useem, 'Leading Up: How to Lead Your Boss So You Both Win'

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Do your meetings take too long only to result in little or no action?

If a lack of focus and participation in meetings has you going around in circles with no resolution in sight, Action Meetings can help.

Action Meetings will work with you to determine which issues are most appropriate to bring into the meeting and which can be left out. Together we'll get a better understanding of what are efficient and inefficent ways to use a project meeting.

From these findings we will design a meeting structure which will provide a framework for all stakeholders, no matter how disparate, to voice their concerns and work together to resolve them. The result will be more participation from all members present, and shorter more efficient meetings.

Action Meetings can also run Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs) for you - call now for an obligation-free quote.



What customers say

  Action Meetings is ... a methodology that is breathtaking in its simplicity yet profound in its impact
David Parmenter - author of "Key Performance Indicators - developing and using winning KPIs"

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