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  If you are going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill

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Can't afford to waste precious meeting time?

Due to the nature of most not-for-profit organisations, there are many stakeholders to meet with and consider. Additionally many people involved are volunteers. You simply can't afford to be wasteful with their time. If your organisation is heavily reliant on volunteer participation, you want to use it as valuably as possible. If volunteers perceive your organisation is inefficiently run, they may stop volunteering.

Action Meetings helps you assure this will not happen. We will design a meeting structure for your organisation to help make your regular meetings as efficient as possible. Additionally we can facilitate strategic meetings to allow all participants involved to focus on the tasks at hand and plan for success in the future. 

Action Meetings helped Building Officials Institute increase their productivity and accountability, let's see what we can do for your organisation.

What customers say

  The process engenders a disciplined approach so that the outcomes of the meeting were always achieved within the laid down times.
Malcolm Jackson, Senior Project Manager, UNISYS

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