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  There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. 
Colin Powell

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What's wrong with Post Implementation Reviews?

Learn from the past to create a better future.  That can't be wrong - so why do PIRs fail?

  • Fear factor - I'm going to get blamed - so hide the truth;
  • Looking bad - our department must come out looking good - hide the truth;
  • Create a huge report - with minute detail and a couple of red herrings - hide the truth.

 An Action Meetings PIR is different because:

  • It focusses on the key issues:
  • It is conducted in a safe environment;
  • It is not a 'blame game' - we're looking forwards not backwards;
  • It produces a succinct report with a manageable number of specific recommendations.

The Benefits 

  • Satisfied stakeholders;
  • commitment to action;
  • closure;
  • transparency.

When should you use an Action Meetings PIR?


  • You want a clear, concise report free from manipulation;
  • Impartiality is important;
  • The project has endured a number of difficult issues;
  • You want a significant jump in the capabilty of future projects.

And please remember our guarantee - if you are not happy you don't pay

What customers say

  The workshop was very well managed and we achieved all of the outcomes that we were looking for.
Murray Potts, Client Manager, gen-I

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