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Want to get more bang for your (meeting) buck?

Are you leaking profits through inefficiency?

Everyone's working hard, but is anything getting done?

Often focus goes on what there is to do and not on achieving results.  This behaviour is perpetuated through the traditional meeting model that fosters unfocussed discussion.  The common fix is to have a "strong chair".  However, while this might look like progress, it typically stifles participation, spontaneity and creativity.  In other words, more of the same old, same old.

Action Meetings cuts through this by focussing on results and creating meetings that are owned by all participants - not just the chairperson.

We can work with you to design a meeting that will transform your meetings or we can facilitate meetings (e.g. one-offs, strategic planning, etc.) for you.

Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs) are traditionally a tack-on at the end of a project (in which people are ducking for cover) to wrap things up.  An Action Meetings PIR is a learning experience to ensure the next project goes better than the last one.

For a no obligation look at how Action Meetings can positively impact your organisation, contact us now.

The New Zealand Racing Board had directed a trial of devices to be conducted during specific high-turnover events. The project had extremely tight deadlines and the four sets of stakeholders involved were displaying resistance and negativity toward the project. Action Meetings stepped in to help bring each of their concerns to the forefront and address them accordingly, ultimately resulting in the meeting of all deadlines.



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  We experienced productivity growth from our very first Action Meeting.
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