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  It is always cheaper to do the job right the first time. 
Philip Crosby, 'Quality is Free'

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Do you spend all day in meetings and start your real work at 5 pm?

You have to deal with countless emails, sort through the paper work and try to make it home in time for dinner!

Do you find your meetings simply go round in circles with no resolution in sight? Do you sometimes wish you could stop having meetings all together? Unfortunately that won't magically solve all your problems.  Meetings are an important communication tool, and when used correctly they can really help your business grow and develop.

That's where Action Meetings comes in. We will advise you on how to best utilise this tool to achieve your business objectives. We will introduce you to the Action Meetings process of running a meeting which gives a breakthrough in efficiency.  We will also design a meeting structure to specifically fit your organisation's needs. We will also work with you on meeting content, and help you sort out what can be done outside of the meeting time. Once you determine what is necessary to discuss during meetings, we will help you determine the most efficient way to allocate meeting time.

The end result will be shorter meetings with increased output, and ultimately a reduction in the number of meetings.

Call us now to save meeting time, get more productivity and go home earlier!

Redican Allwood thought they had solved their meeting problems by eliminating meetings altogether, but were missing out on important opportunities to communicate. Action Meetings designed a monthly meeting structure for them that has allowed them to increase productivity and develop strategies for growth in the future.

What customers say

  We experienced productivity growth from our very first Action Meeting.
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