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Reinvigorate a Stale Meeting 

Stuck in a meeting that regularly goes nowhere, or even worse is divided by factions or personalities?

These meetings are toxic for you, your fellow meeting attendees and ultimately for your organisation.  They are a problem both in terms of poor output from the meetings and in the lingering malaise that affects morale and the culture.

It doesn't have to be that way. Energetic, productive meetings - that also finish on time - are possible if the right process is applied.

In such cases we start from scratch by designing the meeting.  We re-establish the purpose of the meeting (the design objective) and ensure that all participants have 'bought into' this.  Then we dig into the outputs that will be required to fulfill the purpose and then the inputs too - this ensures that the context of the meeting is relevant and valuable.

All through this design process we have been introducing and using the Action Meetings process as this allows the participants to learn and follow the highly productive process and apply it to the content.

When the team is ready, one of them will facilitate the meeting and we're there to coach them along if they need it.

Focussed content, that all participants are aligned to, that is processed efficiently, leads to effective output, action and a positive change of attitude and behaviour.


What customers say

  We experienced productivity growth from our very first Action Meeting.
Independent survey respondent

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