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  Whatever you fear most has no power - it is your fear that has the power. 
Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine

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A successful meeting every time!

Why hire a facilitator when you (or your people) can run a good meeting?

 There are a key times when hiring an external facilitator is advantageous:

  • Independence and impartiality of the facilitator is critical to creating trust and open communications;
  • Full particiaptiom from everyone.

Action Meetings facilitators differ from other facilitators because they:

  • Do not participate in the content of the meeting
  • Don't lead, guide, shape or in any way influence the outcomes - other than to keep on course within the outcomes you determine;
  • Use the tried and trusted Action Meetings process that delivers a significant jump in meeting productivity;
  • Assess and design your meeting (in consulltation with you) ahead of time to ensure that most of the meeting time is spent on the most important items.

The key benefits are:

  • Higher participation from all the participants;
  • A higher level of output than you would expect;
  • Open and frank discussion from participants;
  • More focus without the loss of spontaneity or creativity;
  • Greater satisfaction.


... our meeting had what looked like an impossible agenda. We finished ahead of time which then allowed some time for socialising before people had to catch their flights home. Richard Toner, President, Building Officials Institute of New Zealand


I would recommend Action Meetings to any organisation who wants to have neutral facilitation and a positive result. Cornelia Walker, Client Manager, gen-I

Contact us when you next have a meeting that needs a facilitator.

And please remember our guarantee - if you are not happy you don't pay.

What customers say

  Our staff now work to 'action points' and not just in Action Meetings, but in all sorts of other areas as well.
Independent survey respondent

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